Neretva Photosafari

A trip to the backwaters and canals of the River Neretva is a true feast for your eyes and mind. All aboard the boat, the traditional Neretva boat, and enjoy the steady hand of our leaders who will take you through a tangle of mysterious canals covered with reeds and rushes…

Cave in Predolac

Cave in Predolac the most important speleological site of the Neretva valley, and its greatest value are the richness and diversity of aquatic fauna.

Natural History Museum Metković

The wealth of wildlife in this area is still, despite the radical amelioration projects, preserved to a large extent. Besides Dalmatian Pelican, who disappeared from the region after the first land reclamation procedures, you will be astonished roller bull shark, probably the most beautiful birds Croatian area, and are special oddity ringed specimens that were accidentally flown here from the far north, the polar regions as small geese, sea utve and Eider. Museum of Natural History in Metković hosts all the abundance of the Neretva valley flora and fauna.

Arheological Museum Narona

More about Arheological Museum Narona can be found here.